44 Years of Experience


Ekmas presents quality equipment with our production experience of many years to masters who may need. Ekmas has their customers felt precious by creating difference at all the fields where get in touch with their customers. It has values which are created by quality of mastership felt to all industrial and final customers on the domestic and abroad. Ekmas, which exports its products over 50 countries by this time, offers the quality and satisfaction which its customers deserve respecting their paying a price. It presents the products and services of which will stand behind. It sets up the rules once again with all these features in the industry and presents to entire world the quality secret of taste masters with its whole prestige.

Industrial Solutions

Please click the part about which you are interested to see the products of our company producing several equipment which are needed by Bakery, Cafe and Horeca industries such as baking, loading,carrying, yeasting, storage, presentation and preparation equipment of which products are qualited and durable for people who create taste with 43 years experience and exporting to 7 continents, more than 50 countries.

Individual Solutions

We developed the products which professional bakery products manufacturers use and we produced appropriate products for household type ovens. The bakery products such as bread, cake which you bake at your home will become tastier.

Creative Solutions FEST and Dough Flipping