50x74 cm Hamburger Tavası
50x74 cm Hamburger Tavası
50x74 cm Hamburger Tavası

50x74 cm Hamburger Trays, Aluminised Metal (TS04.102D)

Price : 32.39 USD(Vat included)

Hamburger trays are the products that give rise to dough to be baked into them.

These trays fit for 49x74 cm or 50x74 cm tray trolleys.

The trays are manufactured by aluminised metal which is special allayed, certified and suitable for food production.

Aluminised metal is a raw material which is obtained covering aluminium on steel.

When aluminised trays are compared with traditional aluminium trays, it submits more durability.

The metal thickness of the trays is 0,8 mm.

Aluminium sheets are used in the side of the trays. The trays that have aluminium sheet in their side are both lighter and hygienic than the trays that have iron sheets.

Production is made in other desired dimensions.

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