Vision, Mission and Values

Our company, which manufactures many equipment used in the production of bread and bakery products and includes them in its product range, was established in 1978 in Istanbul.


To be the most preferred company by creating value for flavor producers with durable, innovative solutions and prestige.


To produce durable bakery product preparation, storage, fermentation, loading, transportation, cooking and presentation equipment in accordance with international standards in different metal types by using our experience in metal processing with the selection of quality raw materials, carefully carried out production preparation process. To supply quality machinery and equipment used for bakery products. To research and develop innovative metal products and solutions that food producers may need. To create continuously happy customer experiences by providing timely, accessible, guaranteed service and effective solutions to bakery product manufacturers and end consumers. To create value for the sector, the country and all our stakeholders with our products we offer to the world market. As Ekmaş family, to carry out production and trade by giving importance to human health and human values.


Honesty A person who keeps his/her word and adheres to commercial ethics. Passion: Performing all activities wholeheartedly. Customer orientation: Meeting and exceeding expectations. Reliability: Standing behind its promises in product and service quality. Efficiency: Aiming for continuous improvement in all operations. Innovation: Producing innovative solutions in products and processes.

EKMAŞ Corporate Culture:

Reliable Experience: To emphasize commercial ethics and product service quality by keeping its promises to both internal and external customers with a reliable approach with years of experience. Family Spirit: To show that we are members of the same family with all our employees, that family members transfer experience to each other and that the success of the company is the success of our family. Innovative: To solve the needs of our customers with new markets, new products and new solutions and to ensure continuous development. Customer Orientation: To stay in constant communication with the customer at all stages from pre-sales to after-sales and to ensure continuous satisfaction.


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