80x100 cm Baguette Tray, 11 Channels, Coated

80x100 cm Baguette Tray, 11 Channels, Coated (TA01.108BGK)

Price : 78.25 USD(Vat included)

Baguette trays are the products that give rise to dough to be baked into them.

These trays fit for 80x100 cm tray trolleys.

It has 11 channels and channel direction is transversely.

The trays are manufactured by special allayed, certified and suitable for food production metals.

The metal thickness of the trays is 1.5 mm.

The diameter of the hole of baguette tray is 3 mm.

It is not necessary lubricating for teflon and it obstructs to stick dough.

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