59x80 cm Tava Arabası (İnoks)
59x80 cm Tava Arabası (İnoks)
59x80 cm Tava Arabası (İnoks)
59x80 cm Tava Arabası (İnoks)

59x80 cm Tray Trolley (inox) (AE01.105PL)

Price : 726.92 USD(Vat included)

Tray trolley is the wheeled system on which trays are placed. The dimensions of tray trolleys are like the dimensions of  the trays which are put into tray trolleys.

Tray trolley which has 16 shelves is suitable for 59x80 cm trays.

Shelf space is 96,5 mm.

The height of the trolleys is 181 cm as standard dimension.

It is produced by 304 quality stainless steel.

It can be moved every direction thanks to the swivel wheels.

Production bumpers and handlebars can be added as an option.

Production is made in other desired dimensions.

The trays on the trolley is not included the fee. Trays on photo are for demonstration. The price is only for trolley.

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